• We implement and maintain appropriate measures to conduct customer identification.
  • We have a system that documents and verifies client identification records, and tracks and maintains detailed records of all transactions.
  • Our systems control, detects, monitor, investigate and reports suspicious transactions.
  • We request the customers about the services and nature of business that the customer expects to conduct to avoid suspicious and illegal transactions.
  • We organize regular training programmes for our staff regarding the Know Your Customer policies and anti-money laundering awareness.
  • We make considerable investments in this process and ensure continuous training of our staffs in this area.
  • Full details of remitter/customer (name, address, passport no) are disclosed on remittances.
  • We maintain all the appropriate records for the period of at least seven years.
  • We periodically conduct independent internal audits to evaluate the effectiveness of the company’s anti-money laundering policies and procedures.