IME introduces “Send Money home from Fawri and get free food coupon” campaign from Saudi

February 17, 2017

IME has introduced campaign Saudi Arabia with the tagline “ फौरीबाट आईएमई गर्दा कुपन पाऔँ,  नेपाली स्वादको साथमा रमाऔँ”. This campaign is valid for all transactions made from Fawri Money Transfer Services located at Saudi Arabia in which each customer will get a free food coupon. Customer receiving the coupon can visit nearest Nepali restaurant and enjoy a plate of MO: MO or Chowmein for free. This Campaign is valid for the period of 1 month. Validity date: From 17th February 2017 to 17th March 2017 Restaurant where the coupons are valid:

  1. Sagarmatha Nepali Restaurant, Batha, Riyad
  2. Sunlight Nepali Restaurant, Siko, Garden, Damam
  3. Kathmandu Nepali Restaurant, Balad, Jedha
  4. Everest Nepali Restaurant, Jubel
For more information contact your nearest Fawri Money Transfer Branches or IME Ltd, Head Office, Panipokhari, Kathmandu at 01-4430600 / Toll free no: 16600 151515