Mr. Hem Raj Dhakal

Founder and Managing Director of IME Group

Mr Dhakal, the first generation serial entrepreneur of Nepal, established IME conglomerate and played a pivotal role in institutionalizing the remittance business in Nepal. With the vision to globalize the services, Mr Dhakal expanded the business in South Asia to help the millions of migrant populace of this region in Middle East and Malaysia in sending remittances home in the most efficient and cost effective way. This mechanism changed the dynamics of remittances in South Asia in general and Nepal in particular. In Nepal where the financial access to people has been considered very much limited, the widespread presence of the payout locations IME has played to widen the access. The mechanism, at one point, has been instrumental in giving the unbanked people an access to financial system.

IME conglomerate consists of a number of companies with the businesses in banking, remittance, trading, IT, communication, energy, tourism, automobiles, insurance and infotainment. He took IME conglomerate to the global marketplace and established money service institutions in Malaysia, UK, USA and Japan and successfully completed the M&A exercises of few companies with the Fortune 500 Companies listed in NASDAQ.

It was his vision that contributed to evolving the family business into a corporate one where his team members now align with the group's slogan pioneering spirit, the driving force of the team. He envisions to empower the youth by creating opportunities for them and making them the owner of the group. His team members not only work for the company, but also own it. IME conglomerate is promoting social entrepreneurship and has already announced the startup funds to explore the business potential of the country and create opportunities for the youth, as Mr Dhakal has envisioned.

Mr Dhakal was born on 24 November 1975 in Baglung, a district in the western part of Nepal. He completed his school education in Baglung and moved to Kathmandu for his higher studies. He has done Master's of Business Studies (MBS) from Tribhuvan University, Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP) from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and went to London Business School (LBS) Growth Forum in London. He is married to Anjali Aryal and has two daughters, Nimisha and Shaivee. Before he moved to Nepal in 2015, he lived in Malaysia for a decade. He loves to read novels, scholarly articles and is a good tennis player.