IME Introduces Customer Card Loyalty Program

December 16, 2016

IME Ltd. has rolled out a customer loyalty program for customers using IME Customer Card. The program which comes into effect from Magh 1, 2073 is a 6 month long loyalty program and all customers using domestic send and international pay remittance services in Nepal are eligible for the prizes. Customers will have to be enrolled into IME Customer card and each transaction done during the period will fetch certain bonus points based on the transaction amount and type. Once the customer accumulates pre-specified bonus points, they can redeem it for various prizes. Customer can redeem prizes like Pen drive for 10,000 points, Laptop Bag for 25,000 points, Dish Home for 40,000 points and Smartphones for 50,000 points. Along with this, customer will have an option to avail 5 % discount on every 2nd domestic send transaction performed using the IME Customer Card. About Customer Card Loyalty Program:

  1. Scheme will run for the period of 6 months (i.e. From 1st Magh 2073 to Ashar 2074)
  2. Each transaction performed through customer card will get certain number of bonus point
  3. For domestic send transactions, customers will have an option to avail 5% discount on every 2nd transaction or accumulate bonus points to be redeemed later.
  4. Customer will get Gift hampers for bonus points as stated by the company.
Bonus point:
Transaction Amount

Bonus Point

From To Domestic International


10000 100 200


25000 200 400


50000 300 600
50000 100000 400


100000 200000 500


200001 300000


  1. In a period of 1 month customer can accumulate not more than 10,000 bonus point.
  2. Discount can be availed on domestic send transactions only for a maximum of 5 times in any particular month.
  3. Customers can redeem gifts or accumulate bonus points for higher value gifts.
  4. To claim the gift, customers need to visit the nearest IME agent with their customer card.
  5. Any members from IME agents and IME staffs are not eligible for the scheme.
For more information contact your nearest IME agent or IME Ltd, Head Office, Panipokhari, Kathmandu at 01-4430600 / Toll free no: 16600 151515